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World Film Locations book series by Intellect Books (since 2011 )

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Content: These guides include interesting information on the most notable film locations in cities like New York, London, Tokyo and Madrid among others for all-time film lovers.   For more information click here:    

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Screen tourism in Malta – first hand experience for staff

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Malta hosted a second staff exchange programme in early July to accommodate staff from three different EuroScreen regions: Bucharest, Maribor and London. Members of staff from Bucharest and Maribor Regional Development Agency set out to learn about setting up filming in their regions to promote

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Film London and EuroScreen at the Ischia Film Festival

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EuroScreen’s lead partner, Film London, sent a video message to the Cinetourism conference at the Ischia Film Festival in Italy this week. Adrian Wootton, CEO of Film London and the British Film Commission, was invited to speak at the annual film tourism event of the

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Screening of Belle for London Tour Guides

/ June 26th, 2014 / Comments Off on Screening of Belle for London Tour Guides

EuroScreen lead partner Film London reached out to London Blue Badge Guides to promote the idea of using filming locations and on screen stories for guided Over 60 London Guides were invited to hear all about EuroScreen. A case study was presented by Harvey Edgington

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Best practice exchange in Bucharest

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EuroScreen continues with the exchange and transfer of good practice in screen tourism. On this occasion, EuroScreen’s partner organisation from Bucharest hosted a 1-day transfer of good practice workshop on 29 May 2014. Experienced EuroScreen partners from London and Ystad provided case studies on how

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EuroScreen staff exchange in London, June 2014

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Five EuroScreen partner organisations participated in an exciting staff exchange as part of EuroScreen’s capacity building programme in June 2014. Eight participants from five regions came to London to learn all about Film London’s work around facilitating filming in the UK capital and how filming

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EuroScreen commissioned Impact Research

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EuroScreen is proud to announce the results of the call for proposal for assessing the impact of screen productions on tourism and brand value, published earlier this year. This is a brand new area of research that looks at locations placement value of regions featuring on

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Seen it on the big screen? Visitor figures at top London tourist destinations are on the rise!

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New visitor figures published in March 2014 show a significant boost in people visiting London attractions in 2013. Visitors to the British Museum are up by 20% (6.7m visitors) and the National Gallery has seen an increase of 14% (6m visitors). It does not come

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Gaming in London

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Written by Kelly Cole London has graced video game realities for decades: from Werewolves of London in the late eighties to ZombiU, released last year. The city has been shaped and Frankensteined to fit each game, yet it always remains undeniably London. With the progression

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The Eurostar “Maybe” Campaign

/ December 11th, 2013 / No Comments »

– finding and creating your own stories through screen tourism Starting on October 20th, Eurostar launched the “Maybe” advertising campaign. The campaign is clear film tourism advertisement. It is made up of two video ads, one for a trip to London, directed towards French and

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