Promotion of screen tourism and good practice in film/TV tourism activities. EuroScreen’s first local seminars in April 2013

/ Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 /

In April 2013, EuroScreen partners from Apulia (Italy) and Ystad (Sweden) held their first seminars to inform and engage with local stakeholders about the local and regional efforts in the screen tourism sector.

Both partners hosted their seminars as part of film festivals in their regions:EuroScreen local seminar in Lecce, Apulia

Ystad City Council welcomed over 60 stakeholders from local businesses and enterprises involved in screen tourism to Ystad Studios. Presentations from a variety of speakers emphasised the importance of EuroScreen’s work and invited participants to contribute to a panel discussion with Swedish experts.

Keynote speakers at the seminar in Ystad were: 

  • EuroScreen representative Matti Allam from Film London, outlining the work and efforts in the field of screen tourism
  • EuroScreen representative Maria Månsson from Lund University, Sweden, presenting screen tourism research
  • Mikael Svensson, film commissioner, Oresund Film Commission, providing Bollywood examples, location scouting and the important cooperation between film commissioners, stakeholders and local businesses.
  • Petra Rundqvist, film strategist, Municipality of Ystad, presenting details of the local efforts, Wallander inspired tourism and Ystad’s film policy.
  • Jack Löfving fromYstad Film Museum, Municipality of Ystad, outlining local film tourism relatePanel discussion on film tourism at EuroScreen seminar in Ystad, 26 April 2013d work and ambitions.

The seminar was hosted as a part of ”PIXEL – Skånes filmfestival”, a regional, annual film festival that just moved to Ystad. The festival attracted appr. 700 visitors and has the ambition to become a significant film venue in Southern Sweden, for both filmmakers on the rise and the film business.