Seminar de EuroScreen in Bucharest

/ Friday, January 9th, 2015 / Comments Off on Seminar de EuroScreen in Bucharest

The picture shows attendees and speakers at the EuroScreen seminar in Bucharest

EuroScreen partner, Bucharest Ilfov Regional Development Agency, hosted a well attended EuroScreen seminar on 09 December 2014 , launching the first Bucharest Movie Map for visitors to the city.

As a direct result from the interregional cooperation and capacity building programme in EuroScreen, Bucharest Ilfov Regional Development Agency developed a user-friendly map for tourists to direct visitors to locations that feature in films.

Bucharest is a busy production centre in Europe and the movie map is an excellent opportunity to showcase the diverse feature films that shot on location. It is also a tool to attract tourists to the city.

The EuroScreen seminar saw prestigious figures in the national film industry present their case for screen tourism in Bucharest and beyond. Speakers included Bogdan MONCEA from CASTEL FILM STUDIOS and Irina Margareta NISTOR, the famous Romanian critic de film.