/ Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 /

Written by Uxue Inurritegi

The awards showcase the best films promoting the city of Malaga through screen tourism

On 12 September, Malaga City Council presented the awards to students of Marketing and Market Research from the University of Malaga who participated in the competition Malaga as a screen location as part of EuroScreen, a European project focusing on the influence that films, television, advertisements and video games have on people when choosing a destination to visit. For the past three years, Malaga City Council has participated in EuroScreen through Promalaga, to position Malaga as a reference within the European film market.

The film competition was organised by Promalaga as a result of the International EuroScreen Conference which took place in Malaga in November 2013. The aim of the competition was to award the best works that promoted the city of Malaga through film.

From the 32 groups participating in the project, 18 were shortlisted and two groups were awarded with a prestigious prize. Beside the two winners, Malaga City Council gave special mentions to two other groups.

Participants in the competition were able to submit film works in two different categories:

1)    General advertisements or music video with some filming locations in Malaga

2)    Any video clips promoting Malaga as a tourism destination

The awards ceremony proved to be a real success and allowed EuroScreen partner Promalaga to implement screen tourism activities across the city.