Screen tourism in Malta – first hand experience for staff

/ Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 /

Malta Staff Exchange_Boats

Malta hosted a second staff exchange programme in early July to accommodate staff from three different EuroScreen regions: Bucharest, Maribor and London. Members of staff from Bucharest and Maribor Regional Development Agency set out to learn about setting up filming in their regions to promote locations to tourists. Film London participated to exchange good practice in film and other screen tourism developments in both regions, London and Malta.

The delegation visited different sites on the Island, including Popeye Village and film locations that were often used for filming and are also popular tourist destinations.

Malta Staff Exchange_Popeye Village

A two day programme was filled with talks and work shadowing of the film and tourism industry in Malta. Hosted by EuroScreen partner FTZ and organised by Jean Pierre Borg and Narcy Calamatta, participants to the staff exchange had the opportunity to talk to key stakeholders from the film and tourism industry.

Malta Staff Exchange_Talks by the sea